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Tokyo Camera Style

I know that it might not look serious to someone and that it has nothing to do with artistic photography. I assume that no photographer is exempt from a bit of what is called “camera porn”, at least I’m not, therefore I can’t avoid admiring the work done by John Sypal documenting what he calls “the photo culture of Tokyo”.

His blog is quite long and I find it enjoyable: Tokyo Camera Style.

Alexey Titarenko

Some time ago I wrote a few thoughts of mine on how photography relates to reality. You can find them here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3. In the second part I discussed how the shutter speed changes the way the image is impressed on film and therefore changes our perception of reality when observing the image.

I think that Alexey Titarenko shows these possibilities much better than I can explain. While looking at his photographs, think on how good he intertwines form and content. My favorite series is City of Shadows, but don’t miss anything from his website, especially the documentary from Arte-TV.

City of Shadows, © Alexey Titarenko

City of Shadows © Alexey Titarenko

The Robert Frank Coloring Book

Now, the idea sounds completely crazy, but the webpage with The Robert Frank Coloring Book is online since 1998! The “coloring book” is an accurate study on how and why photos are sequenced in a certain way in The Americans. Last week someone put a virus inside my head: photo sequencing and while searching for ideas and trying to understand, I found it. Sublime!

The Robert Frank Coloring Book, © Jno Cook, 1983

The deal is this: if you know any other webpage that deals some similar issue (not necessarily on Frank’s work), you post a link in the comment field. I found Jno Cook’s work so good, that I really find it hard to give it away for free!