Monthly Archives: January 2010

Horse races

If you’re bored, then spend one day at the horse races. I’m a hungry reader of Bukowski, but I never dared to enter his realm, not until last year. Part of the fun was talking to the people; I think I’ve chatted with almost everyone present in this picture. The guy who explained me how to read the horse race mag, the guy who explained me how to place a bet, the guys who gave me a “sure hint” on a horse that arrived last, the whiskey and beer bottles hidden in brown paper bags, and the general euphoria on the final rush: everyone standing and screaming like hell.

Now, really, it’s not about the photos: it’s about being there.

Horse Races, Santiago, Chile - 18cm x 24cm silver gelatin print

Horse Races, Santiago, Chile - silver gelatin print

Back in the darkroom

Rio Gallegos, Argentina, 2009

Rio Gallegos, Argentina - silver gelatin print

I started to print some photos again after almost 2 years of absence from the darkroom. Hence, what you see above isn’t the output of a digital camera or an inkjet print, but the scan of a silver gelatin print. I promised myself several times to stop publishing negative scans and concentrate myself on printing, let’s see if this time I can keep it.

A few sparse prints will come in the next days, then I’ll concentrate on finishing a series I called “The Wind Stole My Words”, taken in Patagonia in 2009. The picture above, belongs to the mentioned series.

As the pictures you see are objects present in the physical world and not a mere amount of bits, you are encouraged to inquiry for prices, if you like them.